Amprobe AT-3000 Pro Wire and Cable Locator

Amprobe Wire and Cable Locator

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Product Overview: Amprobe AT-3000 Pro Wire and Cable Locator

Amprobe AT-3000 Features:

  • Locates underground energized and de-energized wires, cables and pipes
  • Three testing modes for best accuracy –Power, Radio & G-3000 PRO signal generator)
  • Depth measurement up to 10’
  • AvoidanceScan- search in Power, Radio and G-3000 PRO modes simultaneously for improved safety and faster surveys.
  • Precise pinpointing of buried services and exceptionally fast sound and meter response
  • Patented Signal Processing – operates effectively in congested sites and sites with overhead cables.
  • Visual (LCD) and Audible (with Loudspeaker) indicators
  • Rugged durable construction
  • Backlight
  • Real Sound” technology – the sound is derived from the signal radiating from the cable or pipe – this very important feature helps the user distinguish the signal from random background noise
  • Complete instrument, ready for use with receiver, transmitter, connection cable, ground stake and ground cable
  • Eliminates exploratory digging in parking lots or under floors for buried pipes and wires
  • Allows user to pinpoint the path of the underground traced object
  • Weatherproof and drop resistant
Amprobe AT-3000 General
Locate Accuracy ±10% of depth.
Depth Accuracy On undistorted signal and with no adjacent signals. 
Line -5% 0.9 ft. to 6.5ft. (0.3m to 2m), -10% 6.5 ft. to 9.8ft. (2m to 3m)
Sonde -7% 1.6 ft. to 9.8 ft. (0.5m to 3m), -15% 9.8 ft. to 16.4 ft. (3m to 5m)range dependent on sonde type
Visual Indication Liquid Crystal Display, indicating the following:
– Operating Mode- Signal Strength (%)
– Line Depth – Sonde Depth
Audio Indication – Audio signal output through waterproof loudspeaker.
– Speaker extendable for use as earphone in noisy environments.
– Audible beep battery test when ON/OFF trigger depressed.
Search Antennas Two: single-wound, four-section, symmetrical response.
Gain Control Manual, semi-automatic in P and R modes.
Batteries 8 x LR6(AA) 1.5V alkaline. 40 hours life, nominal @68°F (20°C) intermittent use.
Operating Temperature Range -4°F to +122°F (-20°C to +50°C)
Environmental Protection – Shock BS EN60068-2
– Vibration BS2011 Part 2.1
– Freefall BS EN60068-2
– Dust & Water
Resistance BS EN60529 (IP rating), (meets NEMA Standards Publication 250-1991).
Construction High impact polyethylene weatherproof to NEMA 3R and IP54
Ruggedness Withstands 3 ft. (1 metre) drops onto concrete (BS EN60068-2)
Dimensions 28.3x10x2.6 in (72 x 25.5 x 6.5cm)
Shipping Box Size 30.3 x 13.8 x 6.7 in. (77 x 37 x 17 cm
Weight 4.9 lb. (2.2 kg)
Shipping Weight 6.4 lb. (2.9 kg

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