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Ametek Type R Dead Weight Tester

Ametek Dead Weight Tester


Rent the Ametek Type R Dead Weight Tester

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  • Accurate to +0.1% of Indicated Reading

    • Increase Accuracy to +0.025% using the Optional DADT Digital Converter

  • Hand Operated Hydraulic Pump Rapidly Builds Pressure

  • Rentrant Measuring Piston and Cylinder Helps Maintain Accuracy

  • Suspended Weights Have Low Center of Gravity

  • Dual Piston Option Extends Pressure Measurement Range with Common Weight Set

  • Single and Dual Column Versions

  • NIST Traceable

  • Use AAA tester oil as the hydraulic fill fluid

  • Suspended weights of a hard, nonmagnetic die-cut alloy

  • Metric instruments feature stainless steel weights

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