Altek 830 Multifunction Calibrator

Altek Multifunction Calibrator

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Product Overview: Altek 830 Multifunction Calibrator

Altek 830 Multifunction Calibrator



Altek 830 Multifunction Calibrator Features:

  • Compact Multifunction Calibrator –
    Source and Read Milliamps, Volts, Millivolts, Six RTD Types, Seven Thermocouple Types, Resistance and Frequency.
  • Built-In Transmitter Power Supply –
    Simulates transmitter input while simultaneously powering 2-wire transmitters and displaying milliamp or % 4—20 output on the dual display.
  • Accuracy of ±(0.025% of Full Scale + 1 LSD) Typical –
    Accurate to 0.02 mA, V, or Hz, 1¡C & 0.3 Ohms.
  • Laboratory Accuracy Pressure Measurement –
    QuikCal pressure modules display in 20 engineering units. Match your process within 0.025% of reading in psi, pa, Kpa, Mpa, BAR, mBAR, Atm, Kgf plus torr, inches and mm of Hg or H20 at a variety of temperatures. Each module is characterized for temperature to give you laboratory accuracy in the shop, control room or field.
  • Troubleshoot Loops –
    AC Voltmeter (true rms) and Continuity Beeper built-in.
  • Standard AA Alkaline Batteries –
    Over 20 hours of full 20 mA output. Auto-Off saves batteries. Optional AC adaptor for full time bench use.
  • User Settable QUIK-CHEKS –
    Store HI, SET & LO for instant recall.
  • Digital Accuracy with Analog Simplicity –
    Speed sensitive digital pot for fast output adjustment. Easy-to-read large character LCD with selectable backlighting.
  • Deluxe Accessories Set Included –
    Carrying case with neck strap for hands-free viewing plus detachable leads, alligator clips, test probes & spade lugs.

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