Agilent / HP 4339B High-Resistance Meter

Agilent HP High-Resistance Meter


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Product Overview: Agilent / HP 4339B High-Resistance Meter

For precision bench-top applications, the 1-channel 4339B is the premier solution for accurate high resistance and low current tests. For high resistance testing in manufacturing environments, the 4349B offers simultaneous 4-channel high resistance measurements for increased test throughput.

Satisfy Your Needs for …

High quality results

• High confidence testing with contact check function

• Remove parasitics with error correction

• Consistent data with 0.6% basic accuracy

• Compensation for handler contact chattering with trigger delay

Versatile measurements

• Select from four test parameters

• Use a variety of test fixtures and accessories

• Perform a charge-measuredischarge sequence with the test sequence program function

• Save and recall up to ten measurement setups

High test throughput: 4349B

• 9.5 ms measurements

• 4-channels for multiple DUTs

• 4-channel simultaneous testing

• Fast contact checking: 2 ms/ measurement

• GPIB and handler interfaces

• Ideal for high volume capacitor testing