AEMC 8505 Motor/Transformer Tester

AEMC 8505 Motor/Transformer Tester

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Product Overview: AEMC 8505 Motor/Transformer Tester

AEMC 8505 Motor/Transformer Tester

The Quick Tester Model 8505 is a hand-held instrument for performing quick, basic integrity tests on all transformers and capacitors used by electrical utilities. The Model 8505 verifies transformer winding continuity without requiring a full transformer ratio test. A single user can check a shipment of incoming transformers. Any units that have a defective coil can be quickly pinpointed and turned around for repair. The instrument provides simple, single-button operation whereby the user only needs to make the proper connections and push a button. Test results are clearly indicated by bright LEDs and (when applicable) a buzzer. The instrument includes captive cables with safety clips, a test probe, built-in fuse protection, and operates on four AA batteries.

AEMC 8505 Features:

  • Checks transformer coil continuity
  • Checks capacitor functionality
  • Detects open or shorted coils and capacitors
  • Automatically identifies device as an inductor or capacitor
  • Single button operation
  • Bright LED indicators and buzzer for L, C, open and short
  • Test probe with 5.75′ (146mm) shaft used for insertion into protective shroud to reach test point
  • Multi-frequency source signals improves test reliability and accuracy
  • Microprocessor-based design for control, stability and repeatability
  • Built-in self-test for inductance and capacitance
  • Fuse protected
  • Battery operated; more than 2500 tests on a full charge
  • Low battery indicator begins to blink when approximately 100 tests remainApplications:
  • Incoming inspection tool for transformers and capacitors
    Industrial-scale power transformers and capacitors may be damaged during shipping or may be faulty due to workmanship issues. The Quick Tester Model 8505 enables an inspector to quickly determine whether or not a shipment of transformers and/or capacitors have open or short conditions that render them unusable. It also can verify switch functionality.
  • Quick authentication of installed unit
    The Model 8505 can also be used to quickly determine whether or not an installed (de-energized) transformer is operational. However, a full transformer test is required for the final validation of any transformer for field credibility, which can be accomplished using AEMC’s Digital Transformer Ratiometer Model 8510

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