AEMC 2118.75 Pistol Grip Spring loaded tips

AEMC 2118.75 Pistol Grip Spring loaded tips

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Product Overview: AEMC 2118.75 Pistol Grip Spring loaded tips



with spring loaded tips is ideally suited for testing single and multiple points on clean surfaces.


Both sets of probes offer rubber coated grips that are ergonomically designed for hand use and provide polarity markings at the tip and instrument ends to ensure proper measurement.

These probes are accessories that can be used with any Micro-Ohmmeter that has binding posts from 4mm to 6mm in diameter or safety banana jacks 4mm in diameter. Each probe set comes standard with recessed safety male banana jacks and a set of screw-on spaded lugs.


  • 10A rated
  • 30VAC/DC
  • Probe tip spacing; 3.5mm for pistol grip, 8mm for pencil point
  • Compatible with all Micro-Ohmmeters with banana jack or binding post inputs
  • Safety guard helps prevent hands from slipping into measurement area


  • Resistance measurements on armatures and small transformers
  • Component measurement
  • Electrical cable resistance measurement
  • Mechanical bond tests
  • Wire to terminal connections
  • Aircraft and rail bonds