Transformer Test Bench

Are you looking to save time and money on transformer testing?  JM Test Systems can help with our custom-built Transformer Test Benches, designed for testing a wide range of transformers and customized to fit your requirements.   Whether you’re pre-testing your distribution and service transformers before putting them in service, or verifying your pole-mount and utility transformers before putting them in stock, JM Test Systems can work with you to find a solution.

Our benches come equipped with panel-mounted controls and instruments which are calibrated to NIST traceable standards.  JM Test Systems also offers onsite calibration for your test bench at your location.

According to a regional energy provider, Hurricane Ida (2021) was by far the most destructive storm to their power system in history (30,000 poles replaced compared to 17,000 after Katrina, the previous worst). Our Transformer Test Bench played a vital role in their restoration efforts.  It was used to test over 1000 distribution transformers prior to installation post storm, helping to facilitate power restoration to a devastated Gulf Coast.


  • Four supply/output voltages. Single phase AC: 0-480V continuously with 4 adjustable limit setpoints to prevent over voltage while a transformer is tested
  • Digital Voltmeter displays the supply voltages to transformer (600V max)
  • Reference analog voltmeter also displays voltages to transformer(600V max)
  • Incoming voltage from transformer displayed on voltage divider screen up to 100kV
  • Alarm system displays yellow warning light when 20A supply threshold is reached,
  • Red light displays at 33 amps indicating over current limit is reached
  • Start, Stop, Reset and Emergency Stop buttons for test cycles
  • Footswitch failsafe must be enabled to perform transformer test
  • Interlock switches provide additional safety features for test area access gates during testing
  • 3 panel-mounted cam-lok receptacles
  • This unit can be used to test distribution transformers, service transformers, pole-mount transformers, utility transformers, and utility pole transformers.


    • 35 ft high voltage test leads with alligator clips
    • 2 sets of ground leads
    • 1 coax cable
Transformer Test Bench