Pneumatic input driven Deadweight Calibration Units. Repairs and Upgrades for RK , HK, and PK testers.


JM offers full reconditioning on any deadweight tester, upgrade options on older units, and repair quotes on broken units. Learn more about our full solution for deadweight testers including sales, rental, calibration, and repair.


PK Tester Deadweight Upgrades Before and After


Like New Again

JM can repair broken units and upgrade your older units. PK Tester Upgrades: Why Pay New? You can have just as good as new, with an upgraded “original style” PK Tester. With an upgrade you get a new hard shell case, 3 way vent valve, external connectors for easy hook-up, and a rubber weight insert. The lid can also be closed during operation. View the upgraded PK testers datasheet.

JM can also upgrade the weight carrier to a 5” H2O stainless steel carrier. 1000” H2O upgrade kit for PK2 testers. With the “fracing” in shale type wells, you get a temporary high gas output and then it levels off. To be within Beta Ratio (25% to 75%) would mean you would have to replace the orifice meter run after 6 months to a year, so by extending the differential pressure range to 1000”H2O (100% beta), you can run temporarily above range until the well levels off. We are selling these upgrade range kits to Enable Midstream (Oklahoma) and other areas. This is available for both Ametek PK & PKII Testers. View the PDF here.


With JM Test Systems you have the option to buy an upgraded PK Tester, upgrade your existing PK Tester, or purchase a custom weight set.

Buy an Upgraded PK Tester

“Original Style” PKm Tester with Upgrades

  • New stainless steel weight set
  • New hard shell case
  • Closed lid operation
  • Easy hookup: External connections
  • Rubber weight insert
  • 5” stainless steel weight carrier
  • 1 year certification and warranty

Upgrade Your PK Tester

“Black Box” PK Upgrade

  • Compact, lightweight and durable
  • Ease of calibration for PK II & T9000
  • Closed lid operation
  • Easy hookup: External connections
  • 3 way vent valve
  • New rubber weight insert
  • For use on bench or tripod
  • Certification and warranty

Buy a Custom Weight Set

Custom Machined Weight Set

  • Calibrated to your local gravity
  • Sold as a single unit or in sets
Why should custom machined weights be calibrated to your local gravity? Download the Gas Cost Analysis for PK Calibration spreadsheet to see the difference.

High Current Test Set Upgrade Program


Basic Upgrade

No cosmetic work

  • MAC-21 – Digital Memory Ammeter Controller installation
  • Calibration and Certification with data
  • Instruction manual
  • 2 year warranty on parts
  • Cost range of this service: $9000 – $12,000

Additional cost for any major parts that may need to be replaced or repairs that must be performed prior to installing upgrade kit.


High Current Test Set Upgrade

Complete Refurbishment to “Like New” condition

  • MAC-21 – Digital Memory Ammeter Controller
  • Powder coating – Industrial Black or customer specified color
  • Decal kits/labels
  • Hardware replacement as needed (casters, stab bolts, Supercon or Camlock connectors)
  • Calibration and Certification with data
  • Instruction manual
  • 2 year warranty on parts
  • Cost range of this service: $14,000 – $20,000

Cost includes minor repairs and minor parts replacement encountered outside the scope of this upgrade.

Purchase or Rent
An Ametek PK II Pneumatic Dead Weight