Instrumentation and Electrical Equipment

Use our I&E rental quote builder to get information on any equipment you may be needing to complete that next task given to you!


Instrumentation and ElectricalJM Test Systems has always had a large presence in the instrumentation and electrical rental market, as well as sales and service of this category of equipment. Our rental fleet is equipped with over 5,000 pieces of instrumentation and electrical rental items. We have an extensive variety of instruments available for rent. Our main manufacturers of our rental equipment ranging from Fluke, Crystal, PIE, Ralston, Hart Scientific, Meriam, HART and dozens more that we have distributorship agreements with. JM Test Systems gives our clients 24 hours a day and 7 days a week access to our rental equipment. With six different warehouses to ship from, our equipment can get to you with a minimal wait and our multiple warehouses help keep your shipping costs down. In most cases, we can ship same day and offer same day or next day arrival depending on the distance from our warehouses. JM Test’s rental equipment ships out with all necessary leads, accessories and has fully charged batteries when it leaves our warehouse. Our equipment ships with fresh calibrations that are done the day the equipment leaves our warehouse and are good for a twelve-month time period. The industry standard for this calibration service is once per year, while our equipment is done once per order.

We here at JM Test understand that you are often under strict guidelines to get your test equipment to your job site as quickly as possible and failing to do so can cost thousands of dollars in penalties or wasted time, as well as a loss of bonuses. JM Test Systems takes all of the headaches out of renting test equipment. You will get your orders filled immediately, and most importantly, you will receive your equipment when you need it, and it is guaranteed to work. Not only do we have one of the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced staff, but we are dedicated to quickly responding to your questions and making all transactions as fast and easy as possible… always on the same day, and most often even the same hour. You can feel at ease knowing that our rental equipment has been processed through our state-of-the-art calibration lab. Our calibration lab carries ISO, 17025 and NIST accreditations. We perform our rental calibrations the same day as your equipment ships instead of once a year like many of our competitors. JM Test’s calibration lab receives regular internal and external audits to make sure that you are receiving the pinnacle of quality when you receive equipment from us. With one of the industry’s largest inventory means we can deliver large quantities of equipment to you right away.

Your job site is often a dynamic and hostile environment and no one knows that better than us. We know how much vendor reliability is a key to making sure you complete your assignment on time and with minimal errors or problems as humanly possible. Our customers have enough on their plates to handle and material requests are often time sensitive and extremely urgent. JM Test understands that you have enough things to manage as it is, so let us help you by managing your equipment and making sure it is to you on time and you are never left in the dark with failing pieces. If for any reason our rental products do experience a malfunction, we offer same day shipments of replacement pieces and will have the equipment to you the very next day at no additional charge to you.

JM Test Systems does have a massive concern of making sure that we enable you to perform your job easier and faster. We started our business over 37 years ago in the instrumentation and electrical contractor area of rental. If anyone understands how quickly your needs can change, it is us. With a huge focus of ours being making your task easier, we offer lots of flexibility when it comes time to close your job out and get the equipment back to us. From digital and physical calibration certificates, special long-term pricing structures, and same day or next day delivery in most cases, we are determined to help you feel at ease about your equipment that is needed for your job. With 24/7 access to our help and a 1 P.M.  CST shipping cut off, getting your equipment is now easier than ever.

Instrumentation and Electrical Equipment

Renting equipment from JM Test Systems makes sense in the financial aspect as well. There’s no reason to buy expensive equipment that you only use occasionally. Renting allows you to get the equipment you need for the exact amount of time you need it, providing significant savings over buying. Renting from us puts much less stress on your capital budget and allows you to use your maintenance budget to rent from us. When the capital budget runs dry to buy new equipment, thousands of our customers use their maintenance budget to rent the equipment. We also understand that our industry is a very technologically driven industry. With that being said, fighting obsolescence of equipment is a constant uphill battle and renting equipment from us completely levels the playing field of fighting this obsolescence. Our equipment is kept up to date with the latest firmware upgrades and newest drivers installed to ensure that you have minimal downtime when calibrating newer equipment in the field. Should you experience a malfunction with your rental equipment, we can ship out a replacement piece the very same day and have it to you the next morning. Recalibration costs also vanish from your budget when renting from us. Our equipment is sent out with a fresh twelve-month calibration and should you keep the items longer than 12 months, we will not charge you for the updated calibration! When purchasing equipment, you need to find somewhere to store the equipment, have someone maintain it, and the logistics to get it to and from the calibration lab for calibrations or repairs. Renting mitigates most of the headaches that you associate with keeping your job up and running due to equipment needs.

With over 37 years of experience and over 400 employees, JM Test Systems has the background and knowledge to serve you in ways that can only be learned through experience. JM Test Systems can ship directly to you from 6 different warehouses scattered throughout the Gulf South, Midwest and Western locations. JM Test Systems now has over 10,000 customers but we have still maintained our very first customer and still have a great relationship with them. No matter the size or scope of your project, JM Test Systems is here to help get the mission completed in a timely fashion with absolutely minimal downtime. You can use our I&E rental quote builder below to get information on any equipment you may be needing to complete that next task given to you!


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