The Cluttered Workshop and the Emerson Trex

Emerson Trex Improvement

A process plant can be a harsh environment; as a result, devices will occasionally need to be returned to the shop for evaluation, repair, or configuration. Unfortunately, connecting to a device in the shop to check configuration and functionality is a cumbersome process that eats up valuable man-hours.

To evaluate a device in the shop, the technician first needs to round up a power supply that is appropriate for the device. This means spending time searching through supply cabinets in order to find the appropriate power source. In addition, the technician needs to verify that the device has adequate loop resistance before hooking up thecommunicator. All of these steps take time that is frustrating when the plant is operating normally. And if the removal of the device has caused an outage, this time spent rounding up the right parts can be costly.

To speed repair and configuration on the bench, technicians need tools that will minimize the external complications of device setup. The Trex communicator’s Power the Loop technology enables technicians to configure devices on the bench in a fraction of the time needed with other communicators. Power the Loop functionality allows users to access a device simply by connecting to the terminals on the device. The Trex communicator functions without the need for an external power supply and provides loop resistance on both sets of connectors. When a user plugs an unpowered device into the Trex communicator, the communicator’s intuitive interface anticipates the action and notifies the user to connect the device to the powered terminals. When the lead set is plugged into the powered terminals, the technician can select the option to provide power, immediately making the device available for configuration or diagnosis.

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Article used with permission from Emerson Process Management.