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Calipers, Dividers, Trammels



Slide Calipers
Analog and Digital

Precision Rules, Straight Edges, Parallels

Starrett calipers, dividers and trammels available at JM Test SystemsStarrett dial indicators available at JM Test SystemsStarrett micrometers available at JM Test SystemsStarrett calipers, both analog and digital, available at JM Test SystemsStarrett precision rules, straight edges and parallel rulers available at JM Test Systems

Slide Calipers

Starrett slide calipersStarrett slide calipersFrom toolroom to home workshop, few tools are more useful and versatile than the slide caliper. Starrett has provided slide calipers to generations, beginning with exceptionally accurate vernier calipers (available in the 123 Series), to dial calipers, and finally the electronic calipers that have become predominant in recent years.

Select the appropriate link to view pdf pages of products referenced by Starrett Series number. We have divided these into fairly small, 2-6 page pdfs to minimize load time.

If you are not sure of the product series number, we encourage you to browse all of the links in a group — finding the specific product you are interested in should not require very much time.

**NEW**  Starrett Tools:

Introduction to Slide Calipers & Electronic Calipers


Dial Calipers:
120, 1202, 1202F Series’, 120 Special Purpose 
Vernier, Special Pupose Vernier & Pocket Calipers: 123, 125, 456, 1223, 1025, 424 Series


Starrett MicrometersStarrett MicrometersThe Starrett family of micrometers include a very broad range of products, from the 0-1″ electronic or mechanical tools that are staples of every day shop use, to tools for highly specialized applications.

Select the appropriate link to view pdf pages of products referenced by Starrett Series number. We have divided these into fairly small, 2-6 page pdfs to minimize load time.

If you are not sure of the product series number, we encourage you to browse all of the links in a group — finding the specific product you are interested in should not require very much time.

Design, Manufacturing and How to Use

Outside Micrometers

795 7 796 Electronic MicrometersElectronic and Mechanical

The L.S. Starrett Company announces the introduction of completely new 795 and 796 Series’ of Electronic Micrometers. The new 795 and 796 micrometers combine Starrett precision and reliability with IP67 level protection from the foreign matter often present in hostile shop environments. In addition to being coolant and water resistant, 795 and 796 micrometers offer excellent protection against chips, dirt, dust and other contaminants.

Depth Micrometers: Introduction, 749, 446, 449, 440, 445, 443 Series’

Starrett Granite Surface PlatesClick here to view Granite Surface Plates & Cabinet information.

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Special Starrett Tools:

Starrett 668 Series Shaft Alignment Clamp Set: Designed for fast, precise alignment of motors, pumps compressors, etc. This system is capable of addressing radial and angular misalignment problems and can be set up in minutes. Can be ordered in part or as a set.

Starrett 765A Electronic Snap Gage: Economical gage that is ideal for inspectors, purchasing agents, sales people and other who need to quickly measure materials up to ½” or 12.7mm thick.

Starrett 696, 696M Crankshaft Distortion Dial/Strain Gage, 2 3/8-18”/ 61-458mm: Ideal gage for checking bearing alignment or shaft deflection without dismantling the engine. Also used on: strain gage on engine frames, the distortion of crankshaft webs and bears a direct relationship to existing misalignment or excessive bearing wear. Used on all diesel engines shafts and center crankshafts on any type of engine or compressor.

Click here to view Bore Gages with Electronic Output.

THE L.S. STARRETT COMPANY produces over 5000 products including: Precision Tools, Gages, Indicators, Granite Surface Plates, Gage Blocks, M1 Lubricant, Precision Ground Flat Stock & Drill Rod, Vision Systems, Optical Measuring Projectors, Hacksaw Blades, Hole Saws, Band Saw Blades, Jig & Reciprocating Saw Blades, Chalk, Tape Measures, Levels, and Squares.

Starrett's Galileo EZ video-based measurement system is available at JM Test Systems.The New Galileo EZ from Starrett is a general-purpose video-based measurement system ideal for quality assurance and inspection labs, and manufacturing, assembly and research facilities . Click here for information on the Galileo EZ.


Starrett's comparator, an optical measuring projector model, is available at JM Test Systems.

Click here for Starrett Vision Systems information.

Optical Measuring Projector Models

With a wide variety of models and configurations, there is almost certainly a Starrett comparator that is perfect for your application and budget.  Select the product name or image below to find out the features and specifications for that model. Click here for Starrett Optical Comparators information



Click here for information regarding Starrett’s Custom Solutions.

JM Test carries a large quantity of Starrett gage blocks and gage block sets.
Starrett RS-81.A1 81pcs
Gage Block Set

Starrett-Webber Gage Block Sets in Case: Rectangular Steel – Inch System

Starrett is the number one name in gage blocks!

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Click here for more details on gage block and standard rod calibration.

Starrett offers five saw blade types for improved usage of
offers five saw blade types for improved usage of
handy power tools

Featured Products:

  • BM-18 Band saw blades –
    package of 3
  • CBM-18 Blades for Portable Band Saw Machines – package of 3

Click here to view Starrett saw products.

Bi-metal unique®: These blades utilize Starrett’s exclusive bi-metal unique® saw technology for faster cutting and longer blade life. HSS teeth contain 8% cobalt. Two strips of high speed steel wires are joined to a backing steel in a solid phase, using the principle of solid state diffusion bonding to provide 170% more weld contact area, significantly reducing fracture and breakage at the HSS/backing material interface. The teeth develop a groove after initial use, producing dual chips that are easily removed from the cut. This is the Split-Chip Advantage™.

Powerband M-42: This is an ideal bi-metal band saw blade for production cutting of abrasive exotic alloys, tool steels and stainless steels.

Premium: High carbon steel blade. Greater band tension and blade rigidity increase cutting rates and provide more accurate cuts of low alloy, nonferrous metals.

Flex-Back: These blades combine good, general purpose cutting with low cost – a good value.

Carbide Grit: These band saw blades will easily cut through most hard and abrasive materials.

Blades are supplied welded in convenient lengths, ready to go to work. Packaged three per cardboard sleeve. Also available in 100` and 250` (30 and 76m) coils.

1119 Datasure wireless Data Collection

DataSure ® – The Wireless Age Reaches the Factory Floor

Actually, it reaches anywhere measurements are taken with electronic metrology tools.

Shop floors, labs, quality assurance departments – they can all benefit from the unique capabilities of the new DataSure wireless data collection system from Starrett.

Cost-effective for bench-top or shop-wide data collection, DataSure systems can cover thousands of square feet while reliably protecting the integrity of the vital measurement data being collected.

What is Wireless Data Collection?

Wireless data collection systems consist of three primary elements: miniature radios (called End Nodes) that are attached to the data output ports of electronic tools, a Gateway that connects to a PC, and Routers that extend the system’s range and make the radio network more robust.

DataSure gathers data from electronic measuring tools and delivers it to a PC. The data can then be analyzed by your statistical process control (SPC) application. With DataSure you can say goodbye to your manual and wired data collection systems.

Why Go Wireless?

A wireless data collection system can significantly reduce human error in data recording. It removes wiring-related placement, installation, safety and cost issues. And, it makes it easier for you to bring a precision measuring tool to the work, rather than having to bring work to the measuring tool.

If this sounds like something you could use in your shop, just wait until you learn more about DataSure from Starrett – the ultimate wireless data collection system.

Click here for information on the DataSure Wireless Data Collection System.

Starrett's M1 ® All-Purpose Lubricant is available from JM Test Systems

M1 ® All-Purpose Lubricant

Industrial Applications
Applications for industry are equally endless. Protect working surfaces of machinery; use in dip tanks to protect production parts in process, or apply on tools when stored. M1 is also ideal in highly corrosive situations that destroy metal equipment like rollers, racks, conveyors, etc. used in marine environments or food/fish processing plants.

Universal Applications
Use to dry wet automotive ignition systems. Great on ski bindings, prevents snow from sticking to shovels. Ideal on sticky drawer slides and window frames. Removes tar from car bumpers and painted surfaces. Can also be easily removed to prepare surfaces for painting. Use on tools, hinges, appliances, guns, knives, bicycles, mowers, fishing gear, locks, and on and on…

For more information or to purchase, click on the item you want below:

12 oz.(0.3a Liter) Spray Can M1 95173
1 Gal. (3.75 Liters) Container M-1.01 93221
5 Gal. (19 Liters) Pail M-1.05 93227
53 Gal. (200 Liters) Drum M1.53 93233

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