Case Study #1 – Sam Price, President: SEI Tech

Sam Price, President - SEI TechWith 40 years of experience in industry and instrument & controls, Sam Price has built a reputation of demanding excellence from his crews and delivering top-quality work.

“I hire the most experienced and talented technicians in the country. Most have 15-35 years of experience in industries such as chemical, gas and oil refineries, automotive, power and energy, water & waste-water treatment, bio fuel, nuclear, paper and pulp mills, pharmaceutical and landfill gas. Not only do we demand excellence in our work, we also expect excellence in our equipment and vendors, too… and believe me, my team will tell me if they don’t receive it.

“Most Vendors Can’t Make the Cut…”

“From getting a PO for a job to finding out about changes and problems, the only constant in our work environment is that we’re constantly in a rush. The ability to help us through the frenzied process of managing a job from start to finish is where JM Test Systems excels and most test equipment vendors have difficulties.

“On a Friday morning a few weeks back I get yet another last-minute PO for 10 technicians to be on a job site for Sunday morning, with work to commence first thing Monday. I called JM Test Systems Friday morning, they shipped on Friday afternoon, and my technicians were able to start working first thing Monday morning. All of the calibration equipment was at the job site waiting for them. JM Test Systems never fails at getting equipment to a job on short notice, no matter how much equipment I need. This is vital to me and my success as a contractor.

“Another way JM Test Systems makes my life easier is that their accounting department is flexible and easy to work with. A big problem with other vendors is that you have to wait 30 days before they invoice you for payment. By the time you get the invoice and resubmit it to your customer, you can be 45-60 days out. Not JM Test Systems… they give me a copy of the invoice the day I rent the equipment. This allows me to rebill my customer and recover the rental expense, putting money back into my account faster. This means my customer can wrap up their job quickly, too. With JM Test System’s help, everyone is happy.”

“To sum it all up, JM Test Systems is very easy to work with and helps us and our customers be successful with our jobs.”

“I’ve never had any surprises and I love the fact that when I return rental equipment they get it and test it the same day. Other companies have called me 6-8 weeks after receiving the equipment to tell me it was damaged. I don’t have to deal with these types of headaches with JM Test Systems.”“JM Test Systems is reliable, flexible, and their staff will do anything to help me get my job done. That’s why they’ve received all of my test equipment business since 2009.”

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