QRAE II Diffusion

JM Test RAE Systems QRAE II Diffusion

Key Features

Patented SPE O2™ Oxygen sensor unique features:

  • Lead-free design that complies with ROHS Directive

  • Extended life compared to lead-type electrochemical
    oxygen sensors, resulting in a low cost of ownership

  • Leak-free design, minimizing downtime

Best EMI/RFI immunity technology for products in its class, eliminating radio interference

Easy access to pump, sensors, filter and battery compartment without exposing electronic components to potential damage

IP-65 water- and dust-resistant case

Strong, protective, concussion-proof design


Plug-in sensors: oxygen, combustibles, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide or sulfur dioxide

Intuitive simple-to-operate two-button user interface with built-in pump

Pump or diffusion models available

Cradle doubles as an external battery charger and data transfer connection

Rugged housing

Large graphic display for easy overview of gas type and concentration

Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack provides up to 14 hours of continuous operation

alternate view of rae systems qraeII pump


Sensor Specifications (Default)

Gas Monitor Range Resolution
Oxygen 0-30% 0.1%
Combustible 0-100% LEL 1% LEL
Carbon Monoxide 0-1000 ppm 1 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide 0-100 ppm
0-1000 ppm
0.1 ppm
1 ppm
Sulfur Dioxide 0.1-100 ppm 0.1 ppm

*Consult RAE Systems for custom configurations.

Detector Specifications

Sampling Pump


Sampling Pump

Size 5" L x 2.8" W x 2" H (12.5cm x 7.2cm x 5.0cm)
Weight 12 oz (350 g)
  • Catalytic bead for combustibles
  • Oxygen: SPE O2™ (non-consumable Solid Polymer
    Electrolyte technology)
  • Toxic: electrochemical, h1S, CO or SO2
Battery Interchangeable Lithium-ion and alkaline battery packs
Operating Hours Up to 10 hours with Lithium-ion battery, up to 8 hours with alkaline battery
Displays 4 lines, with LED automatic back light in dim light or alarm condition
Keypads Two-key operation
Direct Readout
  • Instant reading of up to four sensors
  • Oxygen as percentage by volume
  • Combustible gas as percentage of lower explosive limit (LEL), scaleable using correction factors
  • Toxic gases as parts per million
  • High and low values for all gases
  • Battery and shutdown voltage
  • Date, time, elapsed time, temperature
  • 95dB buzzer (at 30 cm) and flashing red LED
  • High: 3 beeps, vibration and flashes per second
  • Low: 2 beeps, vibration and flashes per second
  • STEL and TWA: 1 beep, vibration and flash per second
  • Alarms: latching with manual override or automatic reset
  • Additional diagnostic alarm and display message for low battery
EM/RFI Highly resistant to EMI/RFI. Compliant with EMC directive 2004/108/EC additional +60 volts/meter
IP Rating IP-65
Data Logging Standard 12 days at one-minute intervals
Two-point calibration for zero and span
Optional, internal pump 300 cc/mn
Hazardous Area Approval
  • US and Canada: CI, D1, Groups A, B, C, D, T4
  • Europe: ATEX II 2G EEx ia d IIc T4
  • IECEX: Ex ia d II C T4
Temperature -4° to 113° F (-20° to 50° C) for T4 temperature code
Humidity 0% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Attachment Stainless-steel alligator clip
Warranty Full 2-year warranty, including all sensors

Click here to view datasheet details on the QRAE II Diffusion model.

*Specifications are subject to change.