RAEGuard S

RAE Systems RAEGuard S gas detection available at JM Test SystemsKey Features

Easy To Use

  • Magnetically accessed keys for non-intrusive calibration
  • Designed for easy access to sensor
  • Local digital display with alarm indication


  • RS-485 digital communication in ModBus protocol
  • Adjustable 4-20mA analog output
  • Operation at 9 to 36VDC
  • 2 programmable alarm relays


  • Long-life sensor
  • Explosion-proof stainless-steel enclosure

Advanced Technology

  • Smart NDIR, Catalytic or Electrochemical sensors
  • Offline calibration
  • Quick response sensors

Sensor Specifications

Range Resolution
Hydrogen Sulfide (h1S) 0 to 300 ppm 1 ppm
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 0 to 50,000 ppm 10 ppm
Methane (CH4) 0 to 100% LEL 1% LEL
Hydrocarbons (HC) 0 to 100% LEL 1% LEL
Carbon Monoxide (CO) 0 to 1000 ppm 1 ppm
Oxygen (O2) 0 to 30% VOL 0.1% VOL







* Other sensors: contact manufacturer

Detector Specifications

Size 6.6" L x 5.9" W x 4.3" H (16.8cm x 15cm x 10.9cm)
Weight 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg)
Detector Protected, Off-line pre-calibrated, interchangeable smart NDIR sensor
Calibration Two-point calibration
Accuracy ≤ ± 5% FS
Response Time (T90) ≤ 30 seconds to 90% of reading to span gas
Enclosure Rating ATEX: Ex II 2 G Ex d II C T6
China Certification: Ex d II C T6
IP Rating IP-65
Power 9 to 36VDC, max 60mA at 24V or 1.5W
Output 4-20mA, RS-485 ModBus RTU (Baud rate of 4.8, 9.6, or 19.2 Kb/s)
Sampling Internal diffusion
Display 7-segment, 4-digit LCD (if the reading digits are more than 4, LCD will display “X.XEX” for X.X x 10x)
User Interface 4 color-coded alarm LEDs Magnetically accessed keys for non-intrusive calibration and adjustment
Operating Temperature -40° F to 140° F (-40° C to 60° C)
Humidity 0 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Pressure 0.9 to 1.1 ATM
Dry Contacts Max 30V, 2A, normally open (or normally closed), one for low and high alarm, and another for faults
Terminal AWG24-12
Mounting 2 holes 5.25" (13.3cm) from center to center















*Specifications are subject to change