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JM Test Systems also repairs process instrumentation, as well as calibrates process instrumentation.

Refurbished Transmitters, Controllers, Positioners
From JM Test Systems

Rosemount 1151 Differential Pressure Transmitter Rosemount 3051 CD Differential Pressure TransmitterRosemount 3051TG Gauge Pressure Transmitter Rosemount 1151 Level TransmitterRosemount 444 Temperature Transmitter
1151 Differential Pressure Transmitter 3051 CD Differential Pressure Transmitter 3051TG Gauge Pressure Transmitter 1151 Level Transmitter 444 Temperature Transmitter
invensys Foxboro 823DP Transmitter invensys Foxboro IDP10 DP Transmitterinvensys Foxboro IGP10 Gauge Pressure Transmitter invensys Foxboro 13 Pneumatic DP Transmitterinvensys Foxboro 43AP Pneumatic Controller
823DP Transmitter IDP10 DP Transmitter IGP10 Gauge Pressure Transmitter 13 Pneumatic DP Transmitter 43AP Pneumatic Controller
Fisher 546 TransducerFisher 846 TransducerFisher 3582 PositionerHoneywell STD120 DP Transmitter
546 Transducer 846 Transducer 3582 Positioner STD120 DP Transmitter
New & Refurbished Communicators
Emerson Hart 375
Emerson Hart 275
Emerson Hart 375    Emerson Hart 275

For more information regarding the refurbished process instrumentation available at JM Test Systems, please call us at 800-353-3411 or email us at [email protected].