Onsite Instrument Calibration Services

On Site Metrology Laboratory from JM Test SystemsWe’ll bring our laboratory to you! JM Test Systems calibrates ALL test equipment!

Our onsite mobile instrument calibration and metrology laboratories are managed through our fixed facilities and are considered an extension of our fixed laboratories.

All on-site calibration services are covered by our ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. Mobile laboratories are stocked with the equipment and personnel as appropriate for your job.

I calculated the internal cost associated with sending instruments out for calibration. I estimate that a JM Test Systems Onsite Calibration and metrology service has saved us 40% in calibration cost. Plus it has freed up valuable technician time.”

Chemical Plant Instrument Supervisor


  • Fast Turnaround

    • Your instruments are returned in hours.
    • No downtime without equipment.
    • Reduce your need for spares.
    • Scheduled around your tech meetings.
    • NIST Traceable calibration certifications.
  • Reduce Paperwork

    • No Shipping cost, receiving, gate passes, etc.
    • We ID all necessary equipment.
  • No Damaged Equipment due to Shipping.
  • NIST Traceable Certificates and before and after data sheets are supplied immediately.

  • Minor Instrument Repairs Done on the Spot.

    • Evaluate the piece before rejecting equipment for minor repairs.
    • Any other company will do an ops-check and either pass or fail equipment.

  • Replacement batteries, test leads and cases are available.
  • Support All Departments in Your Facility.
  • Ask About Contract Pricing.
  • All Safety Reporting to ISNETWORLD.
  • One Stop Shop for all of your test equipment needs.

JM Test Systems provides onsite calibration services at your location. We offer calibration of the following test equipment, including:

Onsite Calibration Capabilities
Instrumentation & Controls Electrical Safety Electrical Mechanical & Dimensional Electronic / Gas Detection
Hydraulic Deadweights Hot Sticks Motor Shops Torque Wrenches Oscilloscopes
Pnuematic Deadweights Insulated Tools Current Calibrators Micrometers Oscillators
Pressure Calibrators Bucket Trucks Engine Analyzers Calipers Signal Generators
Thermometers Digger Trucks Voltage Calibrators Indicators Low Frequency Counters
Hart Communicators Rubber Cover Ups Insulation Testers Ultransonic Thickess Service Monitors
RTD Calibrators Grounding Clusters Megohmeters Gauges Selective Level Voltmeters
Decade Resistance Boxes Single Grounding Circuit Breaker Test Set Tachometers Power Meters
Multimeters Meters Earth Ground Tester Strobes Transmission Test Set
Multifunction Calibrators Voltage Detectors Digital Low Ohm Pipe Locators Gas Detectors
Test Gauges Telescopic Sticks Resistance Meters Balancers Pipeline Sniffers
Chart Recorders Line Hoses Hipots Moisture Analyzer Explosion Meters
Temperature and Pressure Blankets Thumpers Gravitometers LEL
Thermocouple Calibrators Fiberglass Arms TDR’s   Toxic Gas
Thermocouple Calibrators Mechanical Jumpers Length Meter   Emissions Monitors
Temperature Baths   Voltage Recorders   Oderations
Dry Block Calibrators   Current Recorders    
Digital Gauges        



Click here to view photos of additional electrical test equipment
repairs, upgrades, calibration and certification
by JM Test Systems.

On Site Instrument Calibration and Metrology Services are available for any region, location, or industry. Contact your salesperson or our onsite calibration services coordinator to discuss a program for your facility.

For more information regarding our onsite instrument calibration and metrology services, please contact us at 800-353-3411 or email us at [email protected].