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SALISBURY is the global leader in the
manufacture of electrical insulating rubber gloves.

And JM Test Systems is your leading supplier.

Salisbury provides 80% of U.S. investor owned utilities with the highest quality electrical insulating rubber gloves.

The Salisbury Advantage

Do not forget to wear your leather protectors

Salisbury knows that lives depend on the quality of our products. That’s why Salisbury production facilities manufacture rubber insulating gloves that comply with the highest possible standards and regulations.

Salisbury rubber insulating gloves have earned the reputation for superior performance – meeting and exceeding the requirements for current ASTM D120 specifications. Our gloves are tested following ASTM D120/IEC903 specifications.

  • Meet ASTM D120 and IEC/EN 60903 standards
  • All ASTM voltage classes available
  • Single and two color gloves available
  • Full range of sizes (8-12), including half sizes
  • Our Salisbury exclusive Type II Salcor® glove in Class 00 & 0.
  • Gloves are available in four styles:
    • Straight Cuff
    • Contour Cuff
    • Bell Cuff
    • Flare Cuff

Most durable and reliable glove that you can buy.

Nothing but the best from Salisbury.

   Classes from 00 – 4

   Maximum Use Voltage AC


Max. Use Voltage AC



Max. Use Voltage AC

Low Voltage

High Voltage

















    Low Voltage Gloves

   ASTM Class 00 & 0




Salisbury – The Market Leader

Our low voltage insulating rubber gloves are offered in Class 00 and Class 0. Class 00 gloves are available in red Type I Natural Rubber, blue Type II Salcor™ Rubber and NEW SALISBURY ADVANTAGEcontrasting blue/orange Type II Salcor™ Rubber.

2 color advantage- The contrast between the thin outer orange color against the inner blue color makes inspecting for cuts and tears easier when the glove is inflated or stretched.

Class 0 gloves are available in red, yellow, black and contrasting black/yellow Type I Natural Rubber and blue or contrasting blue/orange Type II Salcor™ Rubber.

Most Low Voltage gloves are available in a full range of sizes from 8 through 12, including half sizes.

   High Voltage Gloves

   ASTM Class 1, 2, 3, 4

Salisbury – The Market Leader

Class 1 – Class 4 high voltage insulating rubber gloves are available in traditional straight cuff, bell cuff, flare cuff and contour cuff design in Type I, Natural Rubber. Colors ranges are all black, all red, all yellow, red/black and yellow/black. Salisbury offers the most extensive range of styles and hand sizes.

Salisbury also offers electrical insulating rubber mittens (Class 1-4) in bell cuff design

Most High Voltage gloves are available in a full range of sizes from 8 through 12, including half sizes.

To determine glove size, measure the circumference around the palm. Allow for additional room if fabric glove liners are to be worn, especially with thermal liners.

Straight cuff – E316YB10

Contour cuff – E218CYB10

Bell cuff – E216BCYB9H

For more information regarding the Arc Flash personal protective equipment, the electrical insulating rubber gloves provided by Salisbury/JM Test Systems, or the testing facility, please contact us at 800-353-3411 or send us a message.