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Let JM Test Systems Design, Build and Install an Instrument Calibration, Electrical or Electronic Test Bench for You


JM Test Systems can manufacture a custom test bench to your specification. JM Test Systems provides you with wide choice of test equipment or you can supply existing test equipment for us to integrate into a test bench. Standard consoles fit most instrument work tables or JM Test Systems can furnish complete test benches to handle all of your calibration needs.

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Click here to download our datasheet for our custom test benches.

View our videos shown below that provide an overview on our custom test benches, as well as details about our test bench construction and their durability. There is also a video that details our portable pressure generation systems.

Our NEW Custom Test Bench Site is now available! Click here to view photos, get more details and build your custom test bench!

Complete instrument shop testing needs for Pressure / Temperature Transmitters, Pressure / Temperature Switches, Solenoids, Transducers, Gauges, Continuity, Valves, Controllers, etc.

Custom Built Calibration Trailers avalable at JM Test Systems
RENT Custom Built Calibration Trailers

Custom built to meet your every need. Units are also available for Rent as trailers alone or equipped with rental test gear.


Pressure Generation Systems available at JM Test SystemsPressure Generation Systems – High Pressure Calibrator

JM Test Systems manufactures self-contained pressure generators and controllers for pressures to 3000 PSI. Great for regulating and controlling fine adjustments of gas pressures. Perfect addition to any compressed instrument gas system such as plant air or nitrogen systems or cylinders.

Click here to down load our datasheet on pressure generation systems.

To learn more about our pressure generation systems, click here.

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PK Tester Upgrades by JM Test SystemsPK Tester Upgrades

Why Pay New? You can have just as good as new, with an upgraded “original style” PK Tester.

You get:

  • New Hard Shell Case
  • 3 Way Vent Valve
  • External Connectors for Easy Hook-up
  • Rubber Weight Insert
  • Lid Can be Closed During Operation

Click here to download our datasheet for our upgraded PK testers.

To learn more about our PK tester upgrades, click here.

Custom Machined Weights at JM Test SystemsCustom Machined Weights

  • Calibrated to your local gravity
  • Sold as a single unit or in sets

Why should custom machined weights be calibrated to your local gravity? Click here to find out!

For more information, or to rent or purchase our Custom Built products, please contact us at 800-353-3411 or email us at [email protected]. You can also visit our Custom Test Bench page for more information.

Why Choose Custom?

Like any product that is custom-made, our custom calibration test benches and custom calibration trailers and containers are built to your company’s specifications.

Besides getting the test bench or calibration trailer/container that you need, there are many benefits, as well.


  • Saves you time! Allows users to test instrument prior to installation – all in one place!
  • Prevents possible safety hazards by performing motor or calibration checks prior to climbing scaffolding or going into a possible hazardous location.
  • Panel will allow users to test multiple pressure ranges with better accuracy at one station rather than pulling multiple pieces of equipment out to the field to perform test.
  • Every instrument on the bench is calibrated all in one place.
  • Controlled environment for performing testing of all safety and critical electrical equipment.
  • Some instruments must be calibrated using multiple instruments. With a custom bench, all these instruments are at your finger tips.
  • Impress auditors, visitors or possible customers at your shop by having a central location for calibration.
  • Improves overall shop cleanliness, organization and presentation.
  • Allows for accountability of test equipment by being mounted in panel. Your equipment cannot easily be removed.
  • Calibration trailers are designed for the way that YOU operate and the way that makes sense to your organization.

Miscellaneous Custom Products

Leak Rate Box

Pressure decay leak test

Test Lead Kit

Test Lead Kit

Ralston Fitting Kit

Ralston Fitting Kit

Thermocouple Wire Kit

Thermocouple Wire Kit

Hand Pump Kit

Hand Pump Kit

Flame Rod Tester

Flame Rod Tester

Adjustable Motor Cart

Adjustable Motor Cart