Gas Measurement Equipment from Crystal Engineering and Ralston Instruments


Ralston Instruments

World renowned manufacturer of pressure calibration equipment

Hydraulic Pumps

Ralston Hydraulic Pumps available at JM Test Systems

Connect this directly between the equipment to be tested and a reference. No need for a “T” joint.

  • Portable hand operated hydraulic pumps that easily generate up to 5000 psi (350 bar)
  • Two outlet ports allow user to connect to both device under test and external pressure calibrator thus eliminating a tee.
  • Fine Adjustment piston provides an easy way to achieve precise pressure
  • Liquid reservoir holds enough fluid for multiple calibrations
  • Low volume Quick-test hose, gauge adapter and process connection can be attached to pump without thread sealant or a wrench
  • Rugged, all metal construction improves temperature and pressure stability


Pneumatic Cylinder Hand Pumps

Ralston Pneumatic Cylinder Hand Pumps available at JM Test SystemsPerform very precise low pressure calibration or differential pressure calibration using an attached gauge or calibrator.


Pneumatic Scissor Hand Pumps

Ralston Pneumatic Scissor Hand Pumps available at JM Test SystemsThe quickest and most economical way to perform pneumatic field calibrations on pressure transmitters, switches or gauges using an external pressure calibrator as the reference


Calibration Manifolds Full Calibration Kits

Ralston Calibration Manifolds Full Calibration Kits available at JM Test SystemsPerform static pressure calibrations using nitrogen with included calibration manifold, pressure gauge and hoses


Click here to view the Ralston Instruments Brochure

Ralston Instruments Brochure

JM Test Systems Offers a complete line of Ralston adaptors and fitting. Call us for more information at 800-353-3411

Ralston adaptors and fittings available at JM Test SystemsRalston adaptors and fittings available at JM Test SystemsRalston adaptors and fittings available at JM Test SystemsRalston adaptors and fittings available at JM Test Systems

Call 800-353-3411 for configuration and pricing.

Crystal Engineering Corporation

Model 30 Series Pressure Calibrators

Crystal Model IS-33 Pressure Calibrator available at JM Test Systems
Why carry a toolbox of pressure gauges and modules? When a Crystal Model 30 Series Pressure Calibrator can do the whole job! Accurately measure vacuum to 3000 PSI with one pocket sized pressure calibrator – without extra modules.

XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge Digital Pressure Gauge

Crystal Engineering XP2i Digital Pressure Gauges available at JM Test SystemsThe new and improved XP2i has all of the innovative features of our popular XP2 digital pressure gauge and more. Now Intrinsically Safe, Class I, Division I, Groups A, B, C, and D, temperature code T4 with a backlit display. Available with optional dual line pressure display to view peak and live pressure simultaneously – ideal for relief valve testing

Hand Pumps and Accessories

Crystal Engineering Hand Pumps and Accessories available at JM Test SystemsCrystal Engineering offers a range of accessories for test and calibration of pressure instruments in the field. Included in this datasheet are portable pressure sources (hand pumps); leak-free fittings and hoses that easily connect to pumps, gauges, and other devices without the need for tools; waterproof carrying cases; and complete carry-case kits that include all of the accessories you need for specific Crystal gauges and calibrators.

Click here to download a Crystal Engineering Catalog.

Click here to view Crystal 30 Series operating manual.

Crystal GuageCalXPGaugeCalXP

The GaugeCalXP is a portable, self contained, hydraulic pressure generator for the calibration of pressure gauges rated up to 700 bar or 10,000 PSI. Gauges and fittings are not included.


Crystal nVisionnVision

It’s not just a new pressure calibrator or a new pressure recorder. It’s a field calibrator that can display recorded data graphically on a high resolution screen. No need to stop a test to analyze data on a PC. Stored data, or data being recorded can be displayed graphically, with the ability to zoom into specific events, or zoom out to get a big picture of your test. There’s never been anything like this!

Click here to view nVision Datasheet.


Crystal Pressure Fittings - CPFCPF – Crystal Pressure Fittings

Introducing a revoluntionary fitting system for fast, safe, and leak free connections. Your fingers are the only tools required when connecting our 316 Stainless Steel CPF fittings together.

Click here to view CPF Datasheet.



Crystal Pressure Kit

Crystal Pressure KitCrystal Pressure Kit IS 33 16/1500 OR IS 33 36/3000

Buy your Pelican Cases from JM Test Systems.

For more information regarding Ralston Instruments and Crystal Engineering’s gas measurement equipment and accessories, please contact JM Test Systems at 800-353-3411 or email us here.