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Salisbury E216YB/10H 17000 Volt Gloves Size 10H Yellow In Black Out

Salisbury Class 2, Length 16, Size 10H, Color Yellow In Black Out


All products are tested and date stamped by our NAIL accredited lab prior to shipment.


Class 2 max use volatage AC 17000


Selecting the right size, length and style:

  • To measure glove size: Measure the circumference around your palm

  • Salisbury linemen’s gloves are available in a full range of sizes, from 7,8 through 12, including half sizes.

  • Proper fit is important.

  • To determine glove size, measure the circumference around the palm.

  • Allow for additional room if fabric glove liners are to be worn, especially with thermal liners.




Type I and Type II gloves are extremely flexible to make

working with small parts easy. The gloves meet or exceed

ASTM D120 and IEC EN60903 Standards.


The contrast between the outer Black color against the inner Yellow color makes inspecting for cuts and tears easier

when the glove is inflated or stretched.


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