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IFR COM 120B Communications Service Monitor

IFR COM 120B Communication Service Monitor

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IFR COM 120B Communications Service Monitor Calibration

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The industry standard for fast, effective analog wireless testing, including high performance spectrum analysis, AMPS, EDACS and advanced paging test features


Split Screen digitized full scan spectrum analyzer to 1 GHz

EasyComsoftware allows simplified testing of land mobiletransceivers

EasySpanautomated test software allows you to display and capture spectrum analyzer and

tracking generator sweep information

LIVE-REF and REF-LIVE comparisons for spectrum analyzer display

Digitized full scan oscilloscope to 50 kHz

Enhanced PCMCIA for easy data analysis

Optional AutoCell-NT automated cellular base station test software

High speed EDACS data capture capabilities with up to 50 user defined set-ups

Full paging test for analog paging formats and advanced digital paging with the AC510 option

Optional independent tracking generator

200 W power measurement capability

RS-232 control interface and IEEE-488 (GPIB)


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