American Safety C038X5 Heavy Duty Pole Sling

Heavy Duty Pole Sling

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Product Overview: American Safety C038X5 Heavy Duty Pole Sling


50% Higher Work Load Limit: Grade 120 offers + 50% higher over Grade 80 allowing a downsizing or chains: 10,600 lbs. working load.

Higher Wear Resistance: Due to the special form of the profile chain, a larger contact area is achieved between the bearing surfaces of the links. This in turn reduces the surface pressure on the chain and consequently reduces wear substantially. This is a real advantage in abrasive environments. G120 meets or exceeds the following NACM / ASTM-test requirements for lifting chains: Exceeds the 4:1 NACM safety factor if G80 loading is used; Meets the NCAM standard for heat resistance with 400°F; Meets the 20,000 cycle ASTM Standard fatigue-test for Grade 100.

Technical Data: Hardness approx. 41 HRC; Heat resistance up to 400°F; Nominal proof stress 600 N/mm2; Surface powder coated blue; Elongation min. 20%; calculated acc. usual definition for round steel chain.